Choose #WildFirst

Wild First’s goal is the removal of salmon farms from pacific coastal waters as soon as possible.

These waters are the migration routes for our wild salmon and open-net pen farms pose an unnecessary gauntlet of danger, sea-lice infestations, disease-causing viruses, and habitat contamination risks. Wild salmon must navigate past farms in order to spawn and survive from generation to generation.

The Federal and BC governments must take action to remove all open-net pen salmon farms from BC coastal waters on an urgent but carefully planned basis.

We hope and expect that if our governments move with determination and a sense of urgency, it will be possible to transition to sustainable, land-based, closed containment farming by 2025. This action will undoubtedly preserve wild salmon as a keystone species and aid in their survival and that of the wider and vitally important ecosystem that they sustain.

There is a lot at stake. We must steward wild pacific salmon responsibly for the benefit of the economy, the environment, and the people who rely on both for prosperity.

Wild First is a campaign powered by concerned Canadians, business leaders, scientists, and allies who understand that the current salmon farming practices, condoned and facilitated by the Department of Fisheries Oceans, are putting the health of our coastal ecosystem at grave risk.

Join in this urgent campaign to convince our governments to put Wild salmon First.

Join Wild First today and help ensure the survival and resiliency of wild salmon.