Take action, tell your MP to help Protect Our Vulnerable Wild Salmon Populations.

Wild salmon stocks are in critical decline.

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Precaution against disease is necessary.

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Sea lice have spread to our wild salmon.

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We can have sustainable, land-based contained aquaculture.

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Watch "Smothered Reef: Salmon Farms and Glass Sponges"

Watch as Wild First's Tavish Campbell dives into the waters off British Columbia's Pacific coast and makes a shocking discovery of an extremely rare, undocumented glass sponge reef smothered under a Cermaq Canada net-pen salmon farm near Vancouver Island.

Watch "Blood Water: B.C.’s Dirty Salmon Farming Secret"

Watch as Wild First's Tavish Campbell conducts investigative dives at two farmed salmon processing plants revealing a shocking and horrendous secret hidden below the surface.

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