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12 Jul
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Update on juvenile salmon in the Discovery Islands (July 2023)

Farlyn Campbell and Jody Eriksson have been sampling juvenile salmon in the Discovery Islands for the past few months. The transformative impact of removing salmon farms in the area, as decided by Minister Bernadette Jordan and the local First Nations in late 2020, and again by Minister Joyce in February 2023, is truly remarkable.

“Removing fish farms works! It is the third summer since Atlantic salmon farms were removed from the Discovery Islands, and the results continue to be striking. Young wild salmon smolts are flooding north through a fish-farm-free Okisollo Channel without being exposed to farm pathogens and sea lice and they are looking beautiful and healthy!”

It’s time to transition all open-net pen salmon farms out of BC water and safeguard wild Pacific salmon for future generations.

Video by Deirdre Leowinata, Tavish Campbell, and Alexandra Morton. Click to watch video on Facebook here.