The Guardian (November 3, 2023)
03 Nov
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Devastating Sea Lice Outbreak on Mowi-Owned Salmon Farm

Salmon farmed in open-net pens suffered a severe sea lice infestation in Iceland, forcing huge numbers of fish to be prematurely slaughtered 🤯

This incident comes after 3,500 farmed salmon escaped from an Icelandic farm owned by the Norwegian-based company Mowi, which also operates in BC.

Images of severely diseased, dead and dying salmon at the Icelandic open-net pen salmon farm were obtained by the Guardian and have been described by one veterinary expert as an “animal welfare disaster” on a scale never previously seen.

In BC, open-net pen salmon farms threaten wild Pacific salmon with parasites, pathogens and pollutants. The federal government’s commitment to phase out these farms by 2025 is one crucial step we can take to protect this keystone species.

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