05 Jul
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Federal Court dismisses Cermaq’s injunction motion

Wild First is pleased that the Federal Court dismissed Cermaq’s motion to force the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans to reconsider her rejection of Cermaq’s applications to re-stock two open net pen fish farms in the Okisollo Channel.

In December 2020, the Minister announced that open net-pen fish farms in the Discovery Islands would be phased out by June 2022. The Minister also announced that no open net pen fish farms in the Discovery Islands could be restocked before they are phased out.

The Court’s decision was an important setback in the fish farm industry’s attempt to overturn the Minister’s decision to phase out open net pen fish farming in the Discovery Islands.

Four fish farm companies are in Court to overturn the Minister’s December 2020 decision. The Federal Court will hear that litigation later this Fall.