FNWSA Quote (June 10, 2024)
10 Jun
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FNWSA applauds removal of salmon farms in DI

The First Nation Wild Salmon Alliance (FNWSA) sees the decision to not renew licences for salmon farms in the Discovery Islands as the beginning of a meaningful transition plan to protect wild Pacific salmon populations from the impacts of ocean-polluting Atlantic salmon farms. This plan would implement broad-stroke, fundamental reconciliation across the province while working towards food security for First Nations across BC, as outlined in UNDRIP.

“This federal government is making the correct decision to honour the direction of the Supreme Court of Canada by consulting with First Nation across British Columbia, not just site specific where the farms are”, says Bob Chamberlin, Chair – FNWSA. “And what they’re learning is that the majority of First Nations across the province are calling for the removal of fish farms from the ocean.”

It’s time to transition all open-net pen salmon farms out of BC waters to safeguard wild Pacific salmon for future generations.

Watch full interview on Global News here.

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