CTV News (November 7, 2023)
07 Nov
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FNWSA calls on federal govt. remove all salmon farms by 2025

The First Nation Wild Salmon Alliance is calling on the federal government to stand firm on the mandate to phase out open-net pen salmon farms in BC waters by 2025.

DFO’s ‘Pacific Aquaculture Transition – What We Heard Report Phases 1 and 2’ states: “Wild Pacific salmon have significant cultural, social, and ecological importance to First Nations and British Columbians, however, they are in serious, long-term decline and there is urgency to take bold action.”

The federal government’s mandate to remove open-net pen salmon farms from BC waters by 2025 “is a very clear opportunity for the federal government to take meaningful actions for reconciliation with First Nations across the province of BC and in doing so, enacting a meaningful safeguard for food security across BC for First Nations. This is, of course, a very significant component of UNDRIP,” says Bob Chamberlin, Chair, First Nation Wild Salmon Alliance.

The majority of First Nations in BC support the removal of all open-net pen salmon farms. The future of wild Pacific salmon depends on it.

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