Undercurrent News (February 29, 2024)
29 Feb
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FNWSA urgently calls for meeting with Prime Minister

A First Nation group from the Canadian province of British Columbia is requesting an “emergency meeting” with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau regarding the transition plan for open-net pen salmon farming from coastal BC waters.

Chiefs of the First Nation Wild Salmon Alliance (FNWSA) said DFO “is failing its fiduciary, constitutional and supreme court directed consultation requirements in the process.”

“Top leadership in this country [needs] to understand that it’s time for them to step in and make the correct decision. Err on the side of caution, embrace the principles of Canada’s Ocean Act and protect BC wild salmon,” says Bob Chamberlin, Chair – FNWSA.

120+ First Nations in BC support the transition of ocean-polluting Atlantic salmon farms out of BC waters by 2025. It’s time to #endthepens

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