Victoria News [June 21, 2024]
24 Jun
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‘Namgis First Nation celebrate ban on open-net pens in BC

In honour of National Indigenous Peoples Day and the recent announcement made by the federal government on the closure of open-net salmon farms in BC by 2029, dozens of ‘Namgis First Nations gathered together at the BC Museum in Victoria.

“We’ve been connected to the salmon since our time immemorial. As we all know, it’s very important to us. It’s supplied all our communities for years. We have a viable commercial fishery. We have cultural celebrations. The salmon is very important to us, and for us to be celebrating that salmon today is a good way to start this program off,” says Victoria Issac, Elected Chief, ‘Namgis First Nation.

The event featured traditional songs, dances, and speeches, celebrating the deep connection between the ‘Namgis people and the salmon, symbolizing a significant step towards environmental stewardship and cultural preservation. Attendees expressed hope and determination for a future where the salmon thrive and sustain their communities for generations to come.

“What I’d like to say to the First Nations of coastal people, come together with us. We have a creek in every tribal group from Alaska to the Fraser River. Come together so that we can make changes together, not just one at a time,” says Chris Cook, Hereditary Chief, ‘Namgis First Nation.

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