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12 May
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Open letter to The Globe and Mail

News from the Wild Salmon Front 

Last Wednesday you published an article by Emily De Sousa. In her article she states that DFO science “proves” that “the farms are operating in a sustainable way that poses a minimal risk to wild salmon”. 

I am not aware of any such proof.  It is likely that many if not all of us would change our minds about the problems with net pen aquaculture if DeSousa could produce one. On the other hand there is substantial Information to support the claim that net pen salmon farms harm wild salmon through pathogen transfer. See for example the report entitled “Disease Risks Associated with Open-Net Salmon Aquaculture in B.C.” which is available from the Pacific Salmon Foundation and which summarizes research by over 50 Canadian and international experts and documents (in eight pages) the risk of infection of wild salmon from three dangerous pathogens.  

If you have proof there is no risk of harm to wild salmon from farmed salmon pathogens it will make a huge difference in the way that net pen farms are treated. If you don’t have a proof, please don’t waste our time. 

Dr. John C. Madden