Business in Vancouver (November 7, 2023)
08 Nov
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BC Indigenous Leaders Lobby for Transition from Open-Net Pens

“The chiefs who have made the trip to Ottawa are here to ensure…that the government clearly understands the breadth of support to remove fish farms from migration routes of wild salmon” says Bob Chamberlin, Chair, First Nation Wild Salmon Alliance.

“I urge the prime minister to look in on the new minister Lebouthillier and ensure she has the support of the prime minister and his office, of cabinet, to do what’s right for First Nations in B.C., the ones who have stood up and said to the government ‘we support this.'”

A recent letter to the Prime Minister from Wild Salmon Forever stated: “Canada stands alone on the Pacific coast in allowing the open net-pen industry to discharge pollutants, pathogens and parasites along migration routes of endangered Pacific salmon for free.”

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