The Georgia Straight (May 24, 2024)
25 May
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BC leaders expect Prime Minister to remove salmon farms

Leaders representing over 120 First Nations, commercial and recreational fishers, tourism operators, business leaders, scientists, and ENGOs have sent a clear message to Prime Minister @Justin Trudeau: “we expect him to keep his promise to transition open-net pen salmon farms out of BC waters by 2025.”

“Going back on that promise now is an affront to everyday Canadians and their food system, to thousands of workers whose good jobs depend on wild salmon, to British Columbia’s ecosystems, and to the wild salmon themselves” says Sonia Strobel, Co-founder & CEO, Skipper Otto.

Skipper Otto represents a network of more than 40 fishing families and 8,000 member home cooks across Canada who depend on wild salmon for their way of life, their living-wage jobs, and their local food system.

Read the full op-ed here.

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