Coast Reporter (December 4, 2023)
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BC salmon farms linked to record wild fish deaths in 2022

Ocean-polluting salmon farms in BC waters are responsible for a record number of wild fish deaths in 2022—a total of 817,265 according to DFO.

Salmon farming practices, such as the removal of sea lice through a suction machine, result in collateral death and damage to wild fish.

Despite the federal government investing millions of dollars on transitioning away from open-net pen salmon farming, 64 salmon farms still remain in coastal BC waters. 75% of British Columbians and 120+ First Nations in BC support the removal of salmon farms from BC waters by 2025. It’s time for the federal government to follow through on their commitment to protect wild Pacific salmon.

Help #endthepens. Send a letter to the Prime Minister and Fisheries Minister here.

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Photo Credit: Clayoquot Action & Jérémy Mathieu