FAIRR Initiative: The Global Cost of Salmon Farming
31 Jan
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FAIRR Initiative: The Global Cost of Salmon Farming

The global cost of salmon farming to marine ecosystems is estimated to be about $50 billion USD from 2013 to 2019 due to pollution, parasites, and high fish mortality.

FAIRR Initiative is shedding light on sustainability concerns within the salmon farming industry, particularly the waters surrounding salmon farms, which are polluted with waste from farmed fish and nutrients from uneaten feed. The resulting poor water quality becomes less tolerable for native species and contributes to deadly algal blooms.

An over-reliance on plastic in farms, along with the use of ‘seal scarers,’ also creates pollution impacting wildlife populations. Additionally, farmed salmon escapes can become invasive and interfere with local biodiversity.

In BC, Premier David Eby confirmed the social license for open-net pen salmon farms has expired.

It’s time to #endthepens and protect wild Pacific salmon for future generations. Read article from FAIRR Initiative here.