CBC (March 1, 2024)
05 Mar
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FNWSA urges for “emergency” meeting with Prime Minister

The First Nation Wild Salmon Alliance (FNWSA) is urging for an “emergency” meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, along with Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre, and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, to expose the gross mismanagement of wild Pacific salmon by DFO.

“Of all the First Nations in Canada, almost 1/3 of them rely on wild salmon,” says Bob Chamberlin, Chair – FNWSA. “This is a national issue.”

120+ First Nations from across BC support the federal government’s mandate to transition ocean-polluting Atlantic salmon farms out of BC waters by 2025. The consultation process for the Transition Plan must act in accordance with the demands of First Nations in BC, ensuring the preservation of their rights and protecting wild Pacific salmon for future generations.

Listen to interview on CBC here.