06 Oct
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Escape at Mowi-owned salmon farm urges removal in BC

Thousands of salmon escaped from Mowi-owned salmon farm in Iceland ⚠️

The recent farmed salmon escape is yet another reminder of why it’s time to #endthepens in BC. These escapes have occurred far too often, jeopardizing wild salmon populations globally.

“This is more than a wake-up call,” says Jón Kaldal of Icelandic Wildlife Fund about the escapes. “All red lights should be blinking. You’re talking about the future of wild salmon.”

A medium-sized fish farm of about 3,000 tonnes can produce as much effluent as a city of 50,000 people, according to the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority.

In BC, open-net pen salmon farms threaten wild Pacific salmon with parasites, pathogens and pollutants. The federal government’s commitment to phase out these farms by 2025 is one crucial step we can take to protect this keystone species.

Let’s stand together with 120+ First Nations, wilderness tourism operators, commercial, Indigenous, and recreational fishers, and the majority of British Columbians to ensure this promise is kept! The future of wild salmon and communities across BC depend on it.

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